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Danzig Group offers you a partnership that goes deeper than your renewal and annual open enrollment.  We are a 365-day-per-year Advocate for your entire team.  From benefits onboarding, compliance, to handling all employee claim issues, we do it ALL.

Onboarding Services

We can help you streamline your onboarding and benefit enrollment process with our brand new portal or by integrating with your payroll company!

Medical/Health Insurance

Let us design your Major Medical benefits to best fit your company and employee’s needs.

Dental Insurance

We offer a wide variety of dental plan designs including: Preventive Only Designs, Full Comprehensive, and Unlimited Annual Maximums!

Disability Insurance

Voluntary or Employer Paid customized Short Term and Long Term Disability benefits.

Vision Insurance

Custom built vision plans to suit your organizations needs

Health Savings Account (HSA)

Pre-tax employee owned accounts that can be funded with both Employer and Employee Funds!

Flexible Spending Accounts

Pre-tax employee “use or lose it” FSA Programs

Typically, less than 18% of an average group pay out more than $1,000 in Medical Deductibles per year!

Have you looked into multiple plan options to fit everyone’s needs so nobody is spending money on benefits they don’t want or use?

Health Reimbursement Accounts (HRA)

HRA’s can be set-up to offer Pre-tax employer reimbursement accounts across a wide range of employees out of pocket costs.

Life and AD&D

Group life insurance plans, employer-paid or voluntary, from fixed death benefits to salary-based benefits or anything in-between

Key Man Insurance

Help protect your company in the case that a key executive were to pass away

Section 125/ Premium Only Plans/ Cafeteria Plans

Administrate and keep an active plan to keep you compliant while taking pre-tax deductions for your employee’s core benefits

Contemporary New Benefit Ideas

Ask us about some of our popular ideas to make your benefits portfolio more competitive.  From offering employees Legal Services, Identity Theft Programs, 24/7 Virtual Doctor visits, and even Pet Insurance!


We provide COBRA administration for absolutely NO COST to all our clients with 20+ employees

Acquisition Analysis

Analyze your benefits against a company your considering purchasing to ensure you are set up for success with your new business endeavors

HR Compliance Consulting

We can provide HR Legal Resources, help administer ACA 1094/95 filings, and offer on-going ERISA compliance – including support for Annual 5500 filings.

Bench Marking Services

We can analyze your benefits and present comparisons with other companies in your industry or different industries nationwide

Wellness Programs

Consult on existing wellness programs or help construct a new wellness program so you can ensure your employees health and wellness is a priority.

Many companies are now expanding their employee Benefit Packages to include benefits such as Healthiest You, MetLife Legal, Norton LifeLock, Pet Insurance & More!

Have you considered unique ways to leverage benefits to acquire and retain top talent?

Employee Assistance Programs (EAP)

Employee Assistance Programs have become very popular to ensure your employees have the resources they need. We can implement a stand alone EAP or help educate your employees on the resources they are already provided through other benefits like Short Term or Long-Term Disability.

What Clients Say About Us

DD&A is a great partner to help us manage our health insurance needs. Their staff is always available, caring and our employees never hesitate to reach out to them with questions. Highly recommended!

Dan Klein

What Clients Say About Us

If you want a true blue insurance partner that can provide your company with honest, reliable, and above the mark customer service for your insurance needs, then Patrick and Adam from Danzig Insurance are your guys. They take care of you professionally, respond quickly with real solutions, and deliver in every sense of the word. Outstanding people who make a difference! I trust Danzig, and so should you.

Francine Zodda

What Clients Say About Us

The Danzig Group goes above and beyond to service our needs. I wish our other business partners had service like The Danzig Group. They are meticulous, timely, and efficient. They are an asset to our firm

Stephen Phillips
Phillips Law Offices